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Русская страница игры: https://chentzilla.itch.io/organic-matter-rus

At the end of the year 2143 there were more than a hundred big laboratories in space, researching and creating new organic matters. Thousands of people worked on this project for a long time, but haven't achieved much. The government started to close those starlabs because of their low profitability, turning them into giant space wanderers.

And on one of those abandoned stations, an accident happened: a short circuit activated the life support system of a mutant that was bred on the station. It became alive. It was incredible. And from this moment, the troubles for humanity started.

The mutant possessed an exceptional intelligence, since a dead scientist's brain was transplanted into his head. Single-handedly, he repaired the station and turned it into a battleship. He also started to create more mutants like himself. This battleship became the nemesis of all trade vessels.

In this situation, the Earth Government decided to destroy this ship. To do this, its energetic power source needs to be disabled and all mutants have to be destroyed. This task is assigned to you. You are teleported to the station. Go on! Good luck!


Organic Matter is a game for ZX Spectrum. See install instructions for details.

v. 1.3 contains some gameplay improvements, but can also be less stable than the original upload.



KEYBOARD – press 1 in the main menu
Q – left
W – right
Y – talk/use/cursor down in menus
U – jump/cursor up in menus
I - fire/select

SINCLAIR – press 2 in the main menu
6 – left
7 – right
8 – talk/use/cursor down in menus
9 – jump/cursor up in menus
0 - fire/select


A game by Ilya Chentsov and Fyodor Chentsov
Extra code by Kees van Oss
Created with Multi-Platform Arcade Game Designer by Jonathan Cauldwell
Special thanks to AndreyMust19

Made in Gorokhovets

Install instructions

The .tap file can be used with most ZX Spectrum emulators, e.g. Speccy for PC or USP for Android.


ORGANIC.tap 37 kB
ORGANIC_1.4.tap 38 kB

Development log


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A very interesting production, a mix of platformer/puzzle/adventure all in the space of a speccy tape.

I liked a lot that the environment responds to your action (you cannot shoot your way out of your problems — well not always…) and the idea of the space station itself.

It is a bit rough on the edges (sometimes the game crashes) but all in all an innovative game. I hope to see more from the authors!


Thanks for playing our game — and noticing the things I paid special attention to! Yes, I wanted the station to make some sense not only as a game space, but as a living/working space for its inhabitants. I had to cut some dialog because of space restrictions, so I added some visual clues about what goes on at the station instead.

Sorry about the crashes, I know about them, but can't pinpoint the conditions when they happen.